What is Bee Smart Montessori All About?

Learning, Development & Most of All Fun!

Thank you for inquiring into Bee Smart Montessori. Our Montessori school was purpose built in 2006. Our Montessori school is located in Hartstown (Blanchardstown, Dublin 15) and is just a few minutes from Clonsilla. The classroom is fully equipped with Montessori materials to aid in the development of mathematics, language, geography, science, culture, music and art. Children are taught practical life exercises that aid in developing the child’s confidence and sensorial exercises that directly and indirectly teach the child through the use of the senses.

Parents of New Students

This is a new time for your child and care is needed to ensure he/she is ready for this new chapter in life. Please read over the “Parent’s Checklist”. Your child may approach his or her first time in our Montessori with eagerness or fear, smiles or tears. Parents can do so much to make their child’s first school experience enjoyable by preparing the child in advance. When children know where they are going and what to expect, they are usually eager to attend.

How Can You Register Your Child?

We would like to invite all parents who are interested in a place for their child to meet with the Bee Smart Montessori teachers. Click here to contact our school or phone 01 822 1393 / 0861222772 and arrange for a time to meet one-to-one with your child.

Our Promise to Parents & Students

It is our aim to provide quality education in a caring environment; while aiding your child in his/her development of social skills, language, maths, and other fundamental skills necessary for the development of the whole child while learning to accept others and cultural differences.

How Does Montessori Tuition Aid Child Development?

Example 1

Child Developmental Exercises: The circular puzzle board shown above is a developmental exercise designed to teach a child to associate colours and shapes with practical thinking while utilizing a hands on approach to learning.

Example 2

Intellectual & Mathematical Challenges: The bead stair tray shown above is both an intellectual and mathematical exercise designed to aid a child in understanding numbers through shapes and patterns.

Vanessa Sharpe Contact Vanessa Sharpe with Bee Smart Montessori

✓ Our Focus is On Key Developmental Stages
✓ Our Learning is Child-Centered
✓ Our System is Highly Individualized to Each Student
✓ Our Curriculum Offers Hands-On Learning

Space is limited and classes fill up quickly. Please register at least six months in advance.