Christmas time is fun in the Montessori. We try to keep the lessons seasonal so that the children will be more aware of their environment and surroundings. In the first week of December we learned about migrating animals. We made a goose that flies and learned that many different animals migrate. Some migrate for food and others for the warmer weather. When it gets cold many birds such as the geese will fly south for the winter. We all learned a fun poem, “When winter comes, Away they fly, A flock of geese, Honk!, Honk! Goodbye!” The children used the geese they made and flew them around the classroom.

The second week we learned about Polar Life and Animals. We made a winter scene with a polar bear. We finger painted white snow, glued cotton wool for the snowy ground, painted and snow glittered our polar bears to our art work. We learned that the polar bears like to live in countries far up in the artic like Russia, Alaska, Norway and Greenland. We also made a lovely glittery penguin and we learned that the penguins live in the Antartic in Antartica. We learned that many other animals live near the polar bears in the Artic countries such as the narwhal, walrus and the snowy owl.

The final week of December before out Christmas break was spent doing crafts, singing songs, and baking yummy treats. This is always a busy week in class. We practiced our Christmas songs and used our musical instruments. Jingle Bells sounds so much better when you have real bells ringing! We made beautiful wreaths and angels to bring home. Everyone made Christmas tree decorations from clay. We painted them, glittered them and tied them with ribbon, ready for the tree. We made snowman cupcakes with marshmallows, licorice strings, coconut, and mini smarties. Santa came to visit our school on our party day! He brought presents and told us all that we were very good boys and girls.

Happy Christmas and New Year from all of us at Bee Smart Montessori!