Bee Smart Montessori Testimonials

Take a Moment to Read Some Parent Reviews!
I am a mother of 3, soon 4, children and I would love for each of my children to be able to take part in the Bee Smart Montessori experience. My two boys have been enjoying it so much over the last two years. I can truly say it made a very positive difference to their development. They have not only gained great social skills but also gotten a great knowledge of the wider world. As a parent, I feel completely confident that my children are in a safe and positive environment and that the teachers are very professional but also kind, loving and attentive to the needs of each individual child. My children love going to Bee Smart Montessori and I feel that it is the perfect way to get them ready for school in a fun way.

– Eve Fagan

When my daughter started going to Bee Smart Montessori we had just moved here from the United States and had a new baby. With all these changes her development took a big step backwards. However, once she started Montessori her development sky-rocketed. She has been doing so well. Her speech is becoming clearer and she is becoming more social. She looks forward to her class everyday and never wants to leave. She has so much fun with all the projects they do and even has developed a sense of pride in her work. Vanessa and the others are fantastic with the children. Vanessa cares more about the children learning to enjoy education than getting her hands dirty. The children are actively engaged and intellectually stimulated during class, which is why I wouldn’t trust my child with anyone else. Furthermore, I have never met anyone more passionate about her Montessori than Vanessa. She creates structure and order for these children which helps prepare them for school in the future. Overall, it’s got to be the best Montessori in Ireland.

– Crystal Lee Murphy

What can I say about Bee Smart Montessori?

Not only is Vanessa great as a teacher, she has the best group of teachers a parent would be happy to leave her children with.

I had my eldest son Jesse in a previous place and he was miserable. He fought every day going in and I never got a smile when I picked him up.

Then I happened upon Bee Smart Montessori and met with Vanessa. She explained everything they would be learning and playing with, and the school was small, yet ample in size. There was such an improvement in Jesse within weeks. I knew I would send all of my children there.

The schools syllabus has certainly given Jesse a head start in primary school. I now have my second son, Alex, in the school and he absolutely loves it. He comes out beaming every day. I have my third son, Scott enrolled for 2011.

My children love Vanessa and her teachers, as do we. If you want to give your children a love of learning, which I believe this school has instilled in my children, I would highly recommend Bee Smart Montessori to other parents.

– Sabina & Michael Ryan

We are the parents of Ryland who is just completing his second year at Bee Smart Montessori.

What a wonderful experience for our son. Ryland is very happy at Montessori, therefore we are very happy.

These are a few of the reasons why we like Bee Smart:

1 Happiness – happy teachers lead to happy students
2 Confidence – confident teachers lead to confident students
3 Professionalism – professional teachers thus smart students
4 Qualified and certified teachers
5 Clean and sanitized facility
6 Caring and loving teachers
7 Montessori – good educational system
8 Each child is treated individually
9 Noses are wiped, hands washed as needed
10 Clean washrooms
11 Children get play time outside when the weather permits
12 Zero tolerance for bullying
13 “Of course Vanessa Sharpe”

– Marta and Robert Burns

There are many reasons why I have chosen Bee Smart Montessori for my daughter. First, because it came highly recommended. Second, it has a great reputation. The staff are highly qualified and have a wonderful manner with the children and I feel confident that my daughter is in a safe and creative environment.

She has learned so much in her first year, in fact I have also learned much from her too. There are weekly themed lesson plans with fun and practical activities also.I never have a problem getting my daughter into school because she absolutely loves it. She talks about all of her friends and she talks about her teachers; Vanessa, Fiona and Nora all the time when at home. I would highly recommend Bee Smart Montessori to anyone and I hope to have my other daughter start there next year too!

– Louise Murtagh